Podcast: Latest developments from Southeast Asia – 1 May 2021

1) Kinesis Money is working with Allocated Bullion Exchange – ABX and @PT Bullion Ecosystem International to build gold-based blockchain system in Indonesia; 

2) The Digital Council of Thailand (DCT) is working with 36 leading tech organisations (including MicrosoftHuaweiOracleEricssonAmazon Web Services (AWS), etc) and the Medical Council of Thailand (TMC) to provide digital technology for field hospitals treating Covid-19 patients; 

3) Budget-hotel booking platform RedDoorz Philippines is looking at doubling its accommodation offerings next year, with focus on destinations that have looser restrictions; and 

4) Wisium, part of ADM acquires Vietnamese Premix Feed Company, Golden Farm Production and Commerce Company Limited, to strengthen its industrial and commercial coverage in the premix feed industry within Southeast Asia. 

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