#Thailand will pilot the concept of developing ESG-friendly industrial estates to attract entrepreneurs and businesses to spark innovations in game-changing green products and services #SoutheastAsia #Asean #ESG #Sustainability #hanjun

Thailand has taken up the idea of building ESG-friendly industrial estates, firstly to reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and secondly, to improve its economy competitiveness in the ASEAN market and larger global trade ecosystem. ESG-friendly industrial estates are now be an essential part of the country’s 20 years national transformation strategy.

The country is now urging the relevant government agencies to work together to realise this idea and also to promote the awareness of green economy among its private sector. A special project was set up to chaperon the private sector towards the low-carbon sector. The project will also be in charge of administering the carbon footprint certificates and conducting training on the calculation of carbon footprint for products and services.

The roadmap calls for the Thai business ecosystem to innovate and develop low-carbon technologies to replace traditional, inefficient technologies. Additionally, the government is calling for social restructuring, changing production and consumption habits and adopting lifestyles.

The country has selected the Samut Prakan province to pilot the idea of the ESG-friendly industrial hub. Samut Prakan is part of the Bangkok Metropolitan Region. Neighbouring provinces are Bangkok, to the north and west, and Chachoengsao to the east.

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