#Vietnam encourages the continuation of whole-of-system approach to managing urban development, building control and real estate development, and also for related agencies to adopt long-term thinking, advanced building material and digital tools to enable sustainable urban development #SoutheastAsia #Asean #ESG #Sustainability

The country has increasingly been paying more attention to its construction and real estate development sector and this can be seen by the country’s recent strategic plan for sustainable urban development.

The plan outlined key ideas for all related agencies to do even more with their whole-of-system approach to urban development, housing development and the real estate market, with a strong focus on providing affordable housing.

Key agencies were also encouraged to look into decentralising construction management with innovative mindset and technology so that construction works could scale up in pace while maintaining high quality. In addition, the country is also exploring ways to control its real estate market now.

Apart from this, the Prime Minister also suggested for the agencies to consider changing their ways of thinking by adopting a long term approach to planning, sound leadership succession plans for local agencies, leveraging advanced building materials and digital tools, etc.

Related agencies were tasked to build and develop the urban development, construction and real estate sector and also to encourage more Vietnamese to help the country to achieve these goals.

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